About Us


Westchurch Church of Christ

We are a community of imperfect humans made perfect before God by virtue of the pure blood of Jesus, which was shed, on the cross. Our faith is in Jesus and we each belong to Him! We are an unholy, unrighteous, sin crippled people whom God has declared Holy and Righteous because of His Grace.

A church's that follows Jesus will never tag people with the errors and omission of their lives--it will urge people to claim God forgiveness and move forward. Such a church will saturate people in a Jacuzzi of grace and acceptance and pray daily for their healing and improvement.

During the mid-1940s a few families began meeting in Hammond City Hall. The first home for the congregation was located on Scanlan Street in a building constructed around 1950 through the joint effort of the Carrollton Avenue congregation, New Orleans, and the Convention Street church, Baton Rouge. The congregation moved to the present Church Street location in late 1967, and the Open House was held on January 14, 1968. The mortgage burning ceremony was held on September 6, 1981.